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I’m James Wakelin and thank you for visiting my website. I have been working in the UK Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy industry as an analyst since 2009; dealing with providing accurate information on insulating your home, driving energy efficient behaviours and trying to engage people in domestic scale renewable technologies.

I created this site as I found a real disconnect between climate change science and us, people often disengage with science as its something they don’t understand or the scale is too big for them to really get a handle on, so I wanted to create a website that explains the science behind climate change in a simple and very visual way.

So basically this is a nice little study aid for myself and if I get just one person to understand the science from my posts then i’ve done a good job. Science should be understandable and accessible for all!

If you want to follow me on twitter please do and share more stories about climate change with me @achangingclimat or connect to me on Linkedin.

If you have any questions, feedback, corrections or suggestions please get in touch, as I don’t claim to be a scientist, just an enthusiastic environmentalist.